Philosophy of Innovation

ILG’s commitment to innovation is fueled by a passion for the betterment of builders, partners, suppliers, and ultimately the homeowner. Efficiency, quality and repeatability of process is the lens with which the leadership team views the business – responding to opportunity by implementing enterprise-grade technology in what has been a historically paper based industry.

Field Management Reinvented

We enable our onsite teams with the advanced mobile technology that makes them more efficient, more connected, and a more satisfied worker. ILG is unbound by traditional supply-chain limitations in the way our orders are processed and job status is communicated in real time with fully integrated technology. We have expanded collaboration beyond mobile phones, to include chat messages and video conferences, along with seamless sharing of the documents, status notes, photos, and videos that allow our teams in the field and in the back office to be the very best.

Cutting Edge Fabrication

We spare no expense to ensure that we have the most adept fabrication process in the industry. Our leading-edge CAD departments give us the ability to translate any idea, photo or creative design into reality, adding value and flexibility to your projects. Laser-guided robots and RFID-tracked slabs make their way through our facilities, creating record output and quality. This technology combined with advanced Industrial Engineering and experienced staff allows us to assist homeowners, architects, commercial contractors, remodel contractors, and cabinet makers with the most basic measurements to the most complex specification.

Empowering Customers with Technology and Data

Our data solutions supply powerful decision making and delivery-focused process monitoring:

  • Developing an analytics platform on leading edge technology to help builders convert clients from design to installation faster than ever.
  • Drawing data from disparate systems to our proprietary business intelligence solutions, maximizing employee time.
  • Creating design center management dashboards that improve scheduling, strengthen satisfaction, and provide transparency to our customers.

Built for the Enterprise, On the Enterprise

Our massive investment in IT infrastructure sets the groundwork for ILG to exercise the best industry practices at the local, regional and corporate levels. We have standardized our national network of companies on Microsoft’s most innovative, enterprise cloud solutions for communication, collaboration, data, integration and proprietary software development. This allows us to grow our business at a rapid pace with unprecedented stability and scale; and to outmaneuver the competition with speed and agility.